It's not just a house, It's Your DOMAINE.

Which is why every home we create--from the urban core to the forested hills and rolling suburbs surrounding our beautiful city of Nashville--is hand crafted, thoughtfully designed, and purposefully constructed.  We're not just building any house, we're crafting your Domaine, where your life story is ready to be told.

Domaine Development is a leading boutique developer of fine residential properties in and around Nashville, Tennessee.  As part of the Domaine Group, which services a variety of real estate needs from development to marketing, sales, design, and asset management, Domaine Development is focused on creating beautiful spaces that enable streamlined, modern function yet honor historical integrity and the vernacular of their surroundings.  We approach our work with the goal of creating economic value for our investors & partners, aesthetic value for our community, and a truly special place to call home for our customers. Our deep and varied experience in all the elements that drive success in real estate give us a unique edge in today's competitive environment. Leverage our experience to be more successful whether you're buying, selling, developing, investing in, or designing real estate.  Here's a little bit about what we do:


Since 2013, Domaine has developed, designed, or sold over $61 million in Nashville residential real estate.  We are focused on building fine residential properties that embrace regional vernacular, contemporary lifestyles, and high-end design.  We believe there is demand for thoughtful development, and that development that puts and emphasis on design and the details yields a better return for our investors, the community, and our customers.

Marketing & Brokerage 

Domaine Group uses our deep understanding of local market dynamics, our vast professional network, and a tech-enable, media-rich marketing approach powered by the best-in-class systems of Keller Williams to power an outstanding process for listing, marketing, and most importantly, selling your property. Our approach creates maximum visibility for your property, limits days on market, achieves a high sale-to-list price ratio, and ensures a seamless contract-to-close process.

Construction Management & Design 

While we also work with the finest local homebuilders in the Nashville region, as well as some of the most sought-after architects and interior designers, Domaine maintains the capability to design and manage construction in-house.  Our knowledge of the building process and our forward-thinking emphasis on design makes our projects both financially consistent and market-leading in an approach that speaks to investors and end users.

Asset Management

Who better to help you maximize your time and your investment dollars than the professionals who are doing everyday themselves? We pride ourselves on our success as investors and developers of a range of property types, and we're ready and able to help you achieve the same level of success. Whether you're a landlord, a buy-and-hold investor, a fix-and-flip specialist, or a developer/builder, we can help unlock your next successful deal.

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