The first goal was to take a very dated historic gem with tremendous potential and turn it into a home perfect for modern living. Our extensive experience and market research informed our process, and using our analytics we created a design concept and project program to maximize both the project's return on investment and the continued longevity of a house that was originally built in 1925.

Working closely with a team including the architect, landscape designer, and general contractor, we carefully reconfigured the interiors of the home and expanded the overall structure. This included adding a garage, relocating and significantly expanding the footprint of the kitchen, creating new media rooms and dining spaces, and adding a full primary bedroom suite on the main floor, which previously had lacked any bedroom space.

Next we crafted a narrative to inform and drive the marketing. We enhanced the exclusivity of the listing with a slow drip campaign akin to a theatrical trailer release to pitch a forthcoming feature film. We leveraged our extensive social media reach, both at the local and national levels, to reach a maximum word-of-mouth audience, and the buyer ultimately found the home via socially-shared information.

The home received a full-price offer on the day of listing, and was under contract within 3 days of listing. The builder achieved the targeted profitability and received enhanced market exposure in the exclusive Belle Meade market, resulting in additional custom home projects.